Property 55,00€ / m2 + VAT 
Smlednik farm lies in the north part of Hrase village, dislocated from the village itself. The location is partly surrounded by forrest and beautiful pristine nature. There is a horse riding centre in the direct vicinity, nearby are the ruins of Old Smlednik castle, Lazarini mansion, as well as beautiful Zbilje lake and Golf club Smlednik. 

  • Land owner: AE Nepremičnine, d. o. o., Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Location: Medvode
  • Property size: 93.357 m2
  • Intended use: Area K13/2-R2 is initially intended for social activities (like health and social security services, culture, education, sports and recreation) or tourism. Under special conditions also complemental residential buildings are allowed – up to 25% of gross building area. Detailed municipal spacial plan is yet to be prepaired.
  • Status: municipal spatial plan in progress
  • Sales price: 55,00 €/ m2 + VAT
  • Contact: T: +386 (0) 520 58 58 or

Property Map

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